Illustration Euro Loanbyloan was established in 2011 by Intertrust’s predecessor, ATC Capital Markets, and Hypoport and is a reflection of our commitment to further support transparency in the European securitisation and structured finance market. Loanbyloan is a data platform for European securitisation data which contains ECB template compliant loan level data and highly regarded standardised (DSA template) investor reports, offering circulars and much more.

Featured asset classes on loanbyloan:

  • RMBS;
  • SME;
  • Covered Bond;
  • ABS (Auto, equipment lease and consumer);
  • Whole Loan Conduits
  • Open Ended Funds;
  • CLO; is freely accessible for relevant stakeholders such as investors, rating agencies, regulators and originators. We believe in data security. When you own the data, you decide who can access it. This is what makes loanbyloan unique.

Special algorithms, developed by Hypoport, can be used to encrypt the loan level files to secure confidentiality on the loan level data.

Illustration Euro Loanbyloan offers the following services:

  • Subscription Management, access is restricted to qualified users;
  • Dynamic authorisation levels, tailor made access per user for specific data;
  • Data Transfer for quick and secure bilateral data exchange of large data files;
  • Real-time data exchange with Central Banks;
  • Uploading of loan level data to the European Datawarehouse (including plausibility checks);
  • Audit trails on downloaded data;
  • Smart encryption technology on the loan level data to secure confidentiality;
  • Secure environment;
  • Compliance with SEC Rule 17g-5;
  • Compliance with SEC Rule 17g-7;
  • Data feed to Dutch Securitisation Association portal;
  • Dutch Securitisation Association compliant investor reports;
  • Liability Cashflow Modelling;
  • ESMA Disclosure of all applicable annexes, for both private and public deals;
  • Business Process Outsourcing of reporting services;
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