ESMA compliant disclosure

Underlying exposure, investor report and significant event information
Liability Cashflow modelling
Covering all major assetclasses


ECB template compliant loan level data
Investor reports
Offering circulars and much more


RMBS, SME, Covered Bond
ABS (Auto, equipment lease and consumer)
Whole Loan Conduits
Open Ended Funds


Compare performance indicators
Across different RMBS transactions
With an intuitive online slice & dice interface

Welcome to the homepage of loanbyloan. is a data compliance platform for (structured) finance transactions: available to investors, regulators, (central) banks, rating agencies and other stakeholders.

Our data platform contains a wide variety of structures ranging from RMBS, Covered Bonds, Car lease transactions to whole loan mortgage funds.

We believe in data security: when you own the data, you decide who can access it. This is what makes unique: powerful encryption technology combined with custom authorization policies. With over 700 active institutional investors and more than 150 transactions LoanbyLoan is one of the largest European structured finance portals.

LoanbyLoan Data Analytics allows users to assess multiple performance and risk indicators over time and across multiple aggregation levels.


The loanbyloan platform is an initiative of Intertrust Group and Hypoport. Intertrust Group is responsible for client contact (contracts, invoicing), subscription management (access policy), content uploading and administration of the platform. Hypoport delivers special encryption technology for loan level data and is responsible for (technical) maintenance and support of the platform